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so overall the baja is ok i own a 2007 dr 150 i got it used in 2012 and it ran great. Since ive had it i had to replace the front rimtube, throttle cable, cluch cable, cluch pearch, the intake manifold, one of the bolts that holds foot brake fell out and many other bolts have come lose but in all the motor is a warroir ive just replaced the oil regularly keep up on spark pugs and its a tank ive sunk this bike once by acident was under to seat i... Read more

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I worked for baja for almost 5yrs and i tryed to help people as much as i could.I was the main tech there and they didnt lesson to on things at all.If you need help you can email me George Rose

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i have a baja heat 196cc n its the best thing iv ever bought iv beat the livin *** out of it ran it with no oil for hours n still runs great the carb just needs ta b jeeted out or put a 80cc hhonda dirt bike carb on it like i did as far as the clutch goes they do suck as do all clutchs so go on ebay n spend the 100 fukn dollars on a torque converter put a e3 spark plug remove the govoner n make u a new throttle set up iv had mine for almost 3... Read more

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the baja worrier sucks the key way peace is broke the chain keeps breaking i had it for a week and the sprocket broke it spent three months in the shop it raddles apart its a peace of *** i het it no wonder it was so cheap the front forks seperated and i wrecked and messed my foot up really bad i perfer consumers dont get it its a waste of money and time.i hate it i was riding and i hit the brakes ant it threw me on the ground and drugg me to it... Read more

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Has anyone been able to get a cash refund for this BAJA ***? Been gettn run around all day!!!!!!! Read more

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PurcHAsed a mini bike 2 days ago and having a Nitemare tryn to get issues fixed! My recommendation DO NOT BUY BAJA save ur money and time !!!!!!!!

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Bought a used one, it only runs for about a minute then shorts out .WTF

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So my Baja 196cc throttle doesn't work the thing on the back of the crab stays open I tried adjusting it but nothing worked please help

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Will barely crank, then when riding for a while ,it burns the spark plug out. Cleaning will not solve problem. Brakes give problems, vibrates a lot. Chain issues, the repair shop out of Anderson,S.C. , made me take it to a shop in Martinez ,Ga. which left it in the wheather. Very dissatified. Bought this mini bike from Tractor Supply,Aiken,S.C. . Want my money back paid over $500.00 for junk.Wouldn't sell this to anyone, it's a lemon, beware of... Read more

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GOT FOR OUR GRANDSON RODE FOR 1 WEEK CHAIN WANT STAY ON Our granson also has trouble with the cluch it burns up every two months we wish we would have stayed away from this wr65 and baja moterbikes hate to look at it our granson needs something to ride but we have got to get someone to buy this junck Ihate to lie to some one buts got to go before we get an thing eles The look in his eyes tell the story how we make a bad choose never go this way... Read more

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