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i have a baja heat 196cc n its the best thing iv ever bought iv beat the livin *** out of it ran it with no oil for hours n still runs great the carb just needs ta b jeeted out or put a 80cc hhonda dirt bike carb on it like i did as far as the clutch goes they do suck as do all clutchs so go on ebay n spend the 100 fukn dollars on a torque converter put a e3 spark plug remove the govoner n make u a new throttle set up iv had mine for almost 3 years now n i love it it has nvr let me down it always starts the second pull even after sittn for months on end n has plenty of power so all u *** who say it sucks u most defenitly dont gota fukn clue what ur doing n need ta get a new fukn hobby cuz the heat n warrior r fukn badass n well worth the money if u know wat ur doing n as far as parts go do sum fukn researh n ull find out u dont hafta go to baja to get the parts the 196cc moter is a honda gx 200 clone all the parts are interchangeable on them so do sum fukn research b4 u bad mouth this minibike the doodlebugs do suck *** n thats y there only 3-4 hundred bucks u get wat u pay for

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