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I bought Baja SC150 Moped at Joe's Sport. Brought it home and the moped have never started for me.

My neighbor and me trouble shoot and look up on internet for answer, still no luck. Joe's Sport is going out of business. Trying to contact Baja Motor Sport, have notable to contact anyone. Even emailing, the web site is a joke.

My recommendations is don't buy Baja products.

You will be mad and ***-off; it'll cost you times and head ache that it not worth of investing. Might as well go with known name to purchase other motor sports products.

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El Paso, Texas, United States #615557

If you have any need for parts, please give us a call at (915) 820-2565. We carry most of the Baja Motorsports parts in stock.


I have one that I just bought about a month ago. I've put over 600 miles on and haven't had any major issue with it. But I've only had it a month so I'm looking out for any strange noises.


broke bike within 3 hrs of new. both rocker arms.

but got em from factory in 1 month and has been good since. look in parts cat. not hard to find jus lil effort


:grin I have one with 1300 miles on it. At 500 miles the intake cracked - I replaced with a used one, that one cracked too after 450 more miles.

Now I have an aluminum one I bought from ebay for $25 delivered.

It's been working fine and it won't crack. other than that the only other issues have been a few loose nuts and bolts.


here's your bought it cheap from a liquid company... stop invest time in it if you're mechanically inclined and go over the entire bike.

if you're not mechanically inclined you can spare 70-100$ and have a small engine mechanic just go over it ...

1- through assembly at the store they may have cross-plugged your wiring harness...

2- the storage these vehicles take may have gummed up your carb...clean it up with carb cleaner and make sure your floater is alrgith...

3- Number one reason people call me (did i mention im a rep) you've never changed the oil believing the retailer prepped it for you fine.

4- if your mechanic confirms to you that there's an actual manufacturer defect, call Baja and they will cover it.

I can guanratee it.

everyone who rushed in to buy these vehicles cheap, with no proper assembly as before Joe's went out of business are calling in at the same time..because entitled and believing it's a push start and go process..are the reason you can't get through the line. unless you have an email contact at our office an actual can try that it's fast and easy!!!

otherwise we're not out to get you for it company lost every asset in joe's once they filed bankruptcy ..out of 85 people in our offices there's now 7 ..yup be logical


yes I know what you mean I got one, it ran fine, ive put 130 miles on it and now it wont run. it starts fine, but when you give it gas, it just bogs down with some kind of carberator or air problem, i cant figure this out!

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