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We purchased a Doodle Bug 30 from a local retailer in Nov 2010 as a xmas present for sons. By March 2011 (3months later) it wouldn't stay running, bogging, stalling.....ect Baja will do nothing because its "out of warranty".

They are putting merchandise out there for kids to enjoy and only stand behind it for 90days!! NICE! What a joke, I would like to drive this thing up their *** but it wont stay running long enough! Terrible company, horrible customer service any company that doesnt stand by what they make sucks!

This is what I get for buying foreign ***.

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Dickson, Tennessee, United States #724809

Yeah they have shity carbs,and the motors are china junk

El Paso, Texas, United States #615966

If you have any need for parts, please give us a call at (915) 820-2565. We carry most of the Baja Motorsports parts in stock.


I had the same issue with the same minibike. DB30 Baja Racer.

I ended up buying a replacement engine from somewhere else and now I have no issues with it. If you have one of these bikes and are having these issues take this your money($100-$200)and buy a different engine for it.Easiest way to solve that problem.


So glad I came across these comments, my 10 yr. old wants a mini bike so bad.... I just don't know where to buy....? It's a shame that Honda, Suzuki or Kawasaki don't have m I bikes on the market.... I'm sure it would be popular and profitable for them...

Any ideas for an alternative?



UPDATE** The mini bike now sits collecting dust and I vow to never ever buy from these crooks again!! If your considering buying from them,DONT! My sons very upset and of course wants another one,he feels hes been short changed (and he has)


We have tried everything! We took it to small motor shop locally, and the guy said its garbage!!

NOT fixable!!

Unless we want to replace the motor. I dont think so.......


The problem is with the choke, you need to put the choke halfway for it to run properly

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