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I bought a 2008 Baja sc150 scooter the one that pep boys had had a bad fuel leak could not fix so thay orderd a nother one from a nother store then got this one kept dying got no help looked at it had loose whiring the had a bad fuel leak then the hot weather it started vaperlocking then die then after that volt gauge shorted out and fuel gauge is going bad and now clock will not keep i have in the oil and vary hard to start some times what els go wrong allso steering come loose allso.

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El Paso, Texas, United States #614986

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problems and more problems.. baja sc150's i own are junk.

2008 models with problem when i bought as is from pep boys with 0 miles on them. I got a what I thought was good deal. They had been brought back and sold as newto me as is. They lied to me.

One was missing the carb and the other one all the kick starter stuff had been robbed from it. I was pissed off.. I purchased both for 1200.00 total. They lied to me and told me that a gas line had come loose and a throttle cable.

Never trust a good dal. they now run like *** even with new parts. the *** steering is too tight. you have to leen and and you can not steer them.

Very dangerously made. Steering is too tight. Death traps. Should have bought a 49 cc bike .

wish i had only known..

every bad thing you read is probably true on this bike. cheap made than most tiawan bikes!

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