I bought a Baja sc50 scooter,and for the ride home ....loved it. Unfortunately, it hasn't started ever since.

Now I've been going through the process of getting the scooter repaired. The pick up of the unit has cost me twenty five dollars. The delivery to my house will be the same amount. Baja won't pick up this tab.

I got a call from the repairman after he's had it in his possession for a week, saying my part I need is on back order until the fifteenth of this month. Then the wait for getting it on shelves ,etc. So an estimate of the end of the month for return of my scooter is where we're at. Keep in mind....I purchased insurance, got a tag.....hoping to have a scooter to ride...SOON.

I am fearful I may have purchased a lemon and will hate the whole scooter experience. I was hoping to save money.....not spend it to this extreme!

Very unpleasant, stressful experience so far.

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We carry most Baja Motorsports parts in stock... feel free to give us a call (915) 820-2565


Baja has been real good to me and my family. Plus its inexpensive to fix.

Parts are available if you know what to look for. Type in numbers not names.

Baja owner for 8 years. 4 models.


cross referance parts to honda!!!!!!!!


I have a bajamotorsports extreme 300 atv that from the word go has been the biggest piece of *** I could have wasted my money on,There are no parts available to fix anything on it,the cdi burned up,the regulator is shot,and the reverse gear box failed all with less than 8hoursn on this machine and baja laughs at you for buying there junk "you can almost hear them saying SUCKER" I am so livid I wish I could drive this thing through there front doors and light it on fire.Oh but it wont run,these people should be shut down and made to refund everyones money they are crooks!


bought a go cart for my son last year , its the best 300 dollars spent he drives it everday in the back yard.... flying around really beats on it and nothing ever happeneds to it....

just have to keep on top of it... again no problems at all

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