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I recently purchased a Baja 150 buggy and driven it twice. Upon inspection of third ride I noticed the tires were bowed out.

The bottom weld on the lower A arm broke and caused severe damage to the susprnsion on both the left and right sides. What am I supposed to do with a machine that will cost $800 to fix.This machine cost me 1200 to begin with?I would like to know if anyone out there has had this same kind of problem.

If so, how can we correct the problem. Thanx for reading my reveiwSincerly pissed Kevin

Monetary Loss: $2.

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El Paso, Texas, United States #615922

If you have any need for parts, please give us a call at (915) 820-2565. We carry most of the Baja Motorsports parts in stock.

Prestwick, Scotland, United Kingdom #62298

I would take it to your place and just get it done.apparently it isnt worth trying to go through warrenty. Make sure you take all the bolts you can get to and apply loctite to the threads . I have problems with bolts coming loose...Good luck

Prestwick, Scotland, United Kingdom #62292

baja mech... who do you know that will as you say " tweak the frame back to position" and weld not one bad weld but atleast 4 weld breaks.

for just 50$. I would like to know where that is possiable. Sry but if you charge 50$ to fix my machine. Maybe thats the problem in the first place.

It all starts with bad craftsmanship. Sry dont wanna bash you dut you have no idea what your talking about. I will never buy a Baja machine again.

Thanx for confirming my decision... Still pissed


I just got a 70cc dirtbike and your welds suck, sould i take it in and get it fix now.It has two hours.I work in a

weld shop.


There is no way this is an $800.00 repair. All that needs done is to tweak the frame back to position and reweld the broken weld.

To give it more strength, I suggest you have a 1.5x1.5 angle iron brace welded on it also. at MOST this is a $50 repair at any weld shop.

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